Psychodynamic therapy uses the work of all analytic theories. Psychodynamic theories have been influencing all other therapeutic approaches for centuries. Main aim to bring the unconscious mind into consciousness, addressing underlying emotions, linking with the deep-rooted experiences from childhood and any stages in their life span and helping the client to unravel those repressed feelings and memories. Psychodynamic psychotherapy also based on the interpersonal relationship between the therapist and client more deeply.

How psychodynamic psychotherapy helps

It helps people to explore and reveal unresolved issues and some conflict hidden in unconscious that might be affecting them emotionally and behaviourally. It helps individual to develop awareness of their internal complex emotions, repressed unwanted thoughts and beliefs in order to create internal security and peace of mind. We are not aware of the deep issues that are affecting the way we feel. Psychodynamic therapy provides tools to enter into hidden sides of our complex issues. Once we became aware of the deep reasons of our actions, we no longer affected by them as intensively.