Opposite of general understanding you don’t have to be desperate to go to therapy. Most people seek for therapy at last once in their life time. People usually needing therapy when they feel that they are struggling to cope and make sense of their life issues, feeling isolated and needing a confidential space to explore and reflect on their emotions.Some other times, therapy can be used for emotional development and creating a better version of self and affective for self and others. Therapy supports you when you feel that you are trying to sustain your busy life before it becomes unmanageable. Some of the reasons why people seek therapy:

-Increase the quality of your life.
-To cope with emotional and behavioural struggles.
-Talk about sensitive issues in a confidential space.
-Feeling depressed and anxious.
-Not able to do daily responsibilities.
-Loss and grief
-Dealing with trauma and past issues.
-Struggling to motivate self in social and workplaces.
-Problems in relationships.
-No able to focus and feeling negative at all times.
-Self-medicating with substances to cope.
-Coping with a busy life.

Therapy is not for emergency and crises reasons. However, therapist can still direct you to the right services.