Group psychotherapy or group therapy is a form of therapy is based on a practice done with a small group of people together usually eight to twelve people. It can be a short-term or open-ended group. I also can be a close group or a flexible group. The main concept of group therapy is a helping process that happens in group dynamics. There are several types of groups according to different modalities and disciplines. It can be psychodynamic groups, skills training groups, focus groups or psycho-education groups

How group psychotherapy helps

Group psychotherapy is a confidential space with a therapist and a group of people that can provide a supportive and reflective approach to a person’s personal issues to be addressed and receive feedback from the therapist and other members. It helps members to see the way they think and behave more clearly, helping the individual to develop their own coping skills in group, gives a sense of belonging and acknowledgement, breaks isolation, chance to address emotional issues that belong to other groups in real life. It helps to develop the confidence of being part of a group. Groups therapy is about bringing macro issues involving any form of group relationship such as family, work, school, social connection and e.g. into the microenvironment with full safety and confidentiality to face and address them. It simply helps members to develop a strong sense of self and develop better engagement within-group relationship.