Cognitive behavioural therapy is based on behavioural and cognitive theories that are to address how people’s thoughts are affecting their emotions and behaviours. It is based on the concept that thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and behaviours are connected. The negative thoughts and feelings can make the person stuck in a repeating pattern and cause distress, depression and anxiety. CBT mainly used for anxiety and depression besides other living problems. It is mostly practised for short-term and goal-oriented. It helps people to actively address the matters and facing them and focusing on taking action on the unresolved issues.

How CBT helps

It helps a person to manage thoughts and feelings by changing the ways of thinking and acting. It helps a person to address the overwhelming issues and helps the client to break it into small and manageable peaces to tackle them. By doing this client is encouraged to self-motivate and develop the confidence to move on to the next issue until they feel that they have the full control of their life again. It is focusing on the present issues and finds practical solutions to improve dealing with day to day problems. CBT practise gives a sense of focus and commitment to life and regenerates the energy of positive action.