Acceptance and commitment therapy is the oriented approach from cognitive and behavioural therapies. It is a time-limited affective approach to various mental health problems. It focuses on inner emotions that are struggling, avoided or denied. The therapeutic process and practices based on accepting the deeper feelings, what is going on in person’s live and how they are approaching them. ACT uses various mindfulness practices and aims to develop mindful approach to life issues. It is a practical approach that gives direction to follow day by day. In this sense it makes the client feel that they are working on their life with guidance to follow.

How ACT helps

It helps the client to accept their current issues opposite of fighting with issues coming from the past. It helps to develop the confidence to face and mindfully accept problems with the direction of personal values and goals. It helps you to listen to your inner voice, how you are approaching life issues and developing a more mindful and optimistic inner voice in the direction you want to move on in life. We are affected by everyday expectations and daily stress by trying hard to be on top of everything. ACT would help you to generate mindful attitude to everyday stress as well as developing kindness to yourself.